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International netballer delivers coaching to Year 7

10 May 2019

Although summer sports are well under way at EHS, last week Samantha May, Wasps Netballer and Australian international, came to deliver a coaching session to the Year 7 Netball Club. 

The session started with a fun game of ‘invisible tag’. In true EHS style, things became competitive rather quickly and teams were working well together to try and beat the opposition. Sam then showed the group how to perform some ‘trick shots’; this was great fun and the girls can’t wait to use them in training next season. The session finished with a series of attacking drills which required the girls to think about the angles of their run, how to outwit a defender and their ball-placement when passing. Mentally and physically exhausted, the girls welcomed the opportunity to ask Sam a number of netball related questions. Our favourite questions were:

Simran - ‘How do you balance your university work alongside your netball commitments?’ 

Rithwi - ‘How do I defend a GS who is twice my height?’

Year 7 Netball Club would like to thank Sam for taking time out of her busy schedule to come and deliver such a fantastic and informative session. 

We look forward to our trip on Saturday 26 May where a number of girls in Years 7-9 will watch Wasps vs Loughborough Lightning.

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