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Inspired by Shakespeare


10 November 2023

The Young Shakespeare Company arrived in the Prep School with their interactive version of Macbeth. 

This was no ordinary production whilst the multi-talented cast took on the roles in the play, volunteers from the audience of Year 6 children were all able to join in, making sound effects, supplying ingredients for the witches’ cauldron, becoming guests at Macbeth’s banquet and miming the chopping down of Birnam Wood! 

With the help of a narrator, Year 6 were able to speculate on what might happen next in the play and recap on parts of the story. Indeed, the narrator promoted excellent thinking skills through careful questioning and pupils enjoyed the opportunity to voice their interpretations of various scenes. 

Of course any play which involves witches, ghosts and battle scenes will grip most pupils but this production proved to be the ideal introduction to the works of Shakespeare as pupils and staff sat mesmerised throughout this spectacle!

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