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04 February 2022

The theme in the Discovery Den this week was colour mixing. 

The girls learnt all about primary and secondary colours. One of the activities was to be able to use their fingers to mix two primary colours together to find out which secondary colour it made.

Experimenting with specialist equipment is something the girls particularly enjoy. This week they had the opportunity to try on special glasses where they could change and build the coloured lenses to mix colours.

Another experiment set up for the girls was to drop coloured water on to a cotton pad and then drop a different colour on top to see what colour it made.

The lightbox was a further piece of equipment set up for the girls to use. There were different coloured paddles available to place on top of each other to see what different colour was made.

A range of kaleidoscopes enabled the girls to investigate colours and changing patterns and then design their own pattern.

This week’s theme enabled the girls to learn through experimenting and playing.

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