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Inktober Challenge draws to a close

25 October 2019

The final drawings for the Inktober Challenge have been put on the library wall, marking the end of the challenge just as the half term begins.

Every day, Senior School girls have been participating in this month-long art challenge which is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits, pushing them to draw something they may have never thought to do! The challenge required them to create an ink drawing from a list of daily word prompts and then hand it to Miss Lee, Senior School Librarian, to put their work on display, both in the library and online. Miss Lee had this to say:

“It’s been amazing fun here in the library. There were so many girls who diligently worked through the daily words and came up with some fabulous artwork. I hope they continue through the half term and turn up with more doodles in November!”

Pupil are encouraged to follow EHS Library Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for daily updates! Miss Lee will be posting to the library Instagram and Twitter account during the half term with her Inktober drawings.

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