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D&T Textilers bring designs to life

25 October 2019

On Monday 21 October, D&T Textiles students in Year 11 spent the day working on their NEA (non-examination assessment) projects, manufacturing prototypes for their final GCSE products.

The department was a hive of activity from the start to the end of the day. Students looked at a variety of garments for ideas and inspiration, developing their technical pattern-cutting skills and adapting pattern shapes to suit their client’s needs. Each garment was tailored to fit and adapted for the end use. By creating a prototype the students were able to trial their design ideas in 3D and apply their problem solving skills.

The hard work will continue as we approach Christmas, when the girls will be required to manufacture their final products and complete their written investigations. 

A big well done to all the students for making excellent progress and let’s keep the momentum going after half term! 

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