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10 January 2020

After the Christmas break it is always good to get back to normality and routine, and it was wonderful to welcome back the staff on Monday and the pupils on Tuesday. At EHS though, there is no easing back into work mode gently and girls and staff have picked up from where we left off in December i.e. full on. Year 11 and 13 are focussed on their mock examinations and the rest of the school is being incredibly mindful of this as they walk around the school observing the ‘please be silent’ notices. I have already seen some pupils, with some very impressive work, for my excellence book and was delighted to help Mrs Hartley congratulate some of our younger pupils by handing out Headmistress Certificates for independent work and excellent homework. I also dropped in on Year 6 whilst they were in their ‘Medical Mavericks’ workshop; a fantastic introduction to the medical profession and they were given some fascinating things to experiment with. If I hadn’t had to go to another appointment, I would most definitely have been vying with them to draw blood from a fake arm named ‘Andy’! 

My start of term assembly for the senior girls centred on forgetting that it was a new year or indeed a new term, but instead focussing on each day being a new day. One that brings endless possibilities and, although it might also bring disappointment, that disappointment is just another source of possibility. My message was that they shouldn’t let the fear of disappointment be the killer of positivity and possibility. It is hard to see it sometimes, but disappointment can add positively to our experiences rather than destroy them.  The start of a new year is exciting (although incredibly frustrating whilst you retrain the brain to write 2020 instead of 2019!) and the start of a new term is also exciting. But, we should encourage ourselves and each other to welcome each day as exciting and a celebration of what can happen. 

Welcome back and to all of you, Happy New Day!

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