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10 January 2020

Everyone returned to school excited to begin the New Year and to see friends they had missed during the holiday.

In our first assembly of the term we welcomed new girls across the school from Nursery to Year 6 and Miss Mulkit, our new Year 4 teacher.  We know they will all settle quickly into our school community.

We shared resolutions made for the year ahead. We will monitor progress with these and support each other in our endeavours.  The younger girls are also going to aim to be cheerful Tiggers and not gloomy Eeyores to avoid the January blues.

We also started the new term with some congratulations. There were Head teacher’s certificates for four girls for Independent Learning.  Amy, Avani and Eliza in Year 1 and Sophie in Year 5 all completed a wide range of challenges and wrote them up in their scrapbooks.  There was also the presentation of an award to Ellie in Year 5 for gaining 100% in the first round of the Junior Language Challenge.

Miss McDemott has taken over the supervision of After School Care in Prep from Mrs Henry who retired last term from this post.  

After catching up on holiday news, girls quickly settled down to work which included working on a new set of times tables for Year 2.

Next week we have a tennis assembly on Monday to look forward to and a gala against Blue Coat School on Tuesday.  Year 5 History Club are presenting assembly on Thursday and Year 3 are looking forward to the visit from the dentist on Friday.  This will be a very busy first week to enjoy.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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