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Gold for ice skater Sheau-En

28 February 2020

Last week, Year 9 pupil Sheau-En competed in the Skate Southern Club International at Lee Valley Ice Centre, London.

She performed alongside 34 other girls from the UK and around the world. Dancers were required to complete a 2.5 min dance on the ice, executing specific technical elements to earn points towards their final score. 

We are delighted to report that Sheau-En was placed in first position, winning a Gold medal for her efforts! 

What first started as a hobby for Sheau-En as a 7 year old has clearly developed into a real passion and she has certainly demonstrated that she has a flair for the sport, and great promise for the future, with this latest win under her belt.

We look forward to hearing more about Sheau-En’s successes on the ice as she prepares to take part in further competitions later in the season.

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