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GCSE Awards Ceremony 2020

27 November 2020

On Wednesday 18th, Year 12 were treated to a luxurious GCSE awards ceremony of inspiring speeches and a delectable selection of confectionaries. Despite government guidelines unfortunately preventing the conventional speech day held at the university, our head of year, Mrs Ehiogu, with the support of Mrs Macro and alongside a team of staff, arranged an incredible afternoon for us all to enjoy. 

We gathered in the common room, excitedly pinning roses to our blazers and ensuring uniforms were spotless before the afternoon to come. However, no one was prepared for the stunning display of round tables that we walked down to, adorned with lights, champagne glasses and flowers, intricately presented by Mrs Macro’s mum. The sparkling grape juice and individual boxes of cakes, scones and sandwiches that lay waiting in each place, also put a beaming smile on everyone’s faces!


With parents joining us through the magic of technology, the room held an atmosphere of elation as the music started and the teachers walked in to begin the presentation. Many inspirational speeches were delivered, in addition to Fareedat Kenyon reading her beautifully written poem and personal accounts of the unexpected end to year 11, read out by Lucy Atkins and Anaiya Dhami. Accompanying this, a wonderful performance by professional singer Lizzy Cragg, made the afternoon one to remember.

As a year group we are immensely grateful to the school for providing us with such a wonderful day, in spite of the numerous events and opportunities we may have missed through the summer, this one afternoon undoubtedly negated any feelings of missing out.  

- Lujayn Ismail and Ilene Brahman

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