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Onatti theatre delights pupils with French play

09 March 2018

On the last Friday morning before half term, girls studying French in Years 8 - 11 were treated to a French play called ‘Mes Chers Voisins’ (My Dear Neighbours). The girls were all very excited for the play and had been waiting all week to see it, and it is safe to say that they were not disappointed.

The play, performed by two passionate French actors, followed the relationships and the daily life of four neighbours in France. The performance was thoroughly enjoyed, with the talent of the actors, the interaction, the heaps of comedy involved, and the laughter, the girls didn’t want the play to end! There was plenty of audience participation, and a number of girls even got to go up on stage!

Although it was acted out in French, the storyline and the language were fairly easy to understand. Experiences such as this help the girls greatly when it comes to learning valuable language skills, (much needed for the upcoming GCSEs) such as listening to foreign languages, speaking and pronouncing them, but most of all, being able to understand and communicate with those who speak a foreign language.

Mandeep Karlcut, Year 11

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