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Fit for February Update

10 February 2021

It is pleasing to see that our students are engaging in our Fit for February challenge.  Everyone that is tracking their physical activity this month and logging it onto the challenge board, will earn valuable house points for their house.  There will also be prizes at the end of the month, awarded by the PE department.  

Congratulations to the following top 10 scorers so far-

Jessica Brodie (7J) – 21 points

Eliza Calebiro (7S) – 20 points

Anna Litchfield (11N) – 14 points

Izzy Parkes (10B) – 14 points

Lucy Coleman (8G) – 13 points

Oakley Winters (11S) – 13 points

Evie Glass (8B) – 12 points

Alma Damar (10B) – 12 points

Jeongyun Park (7J) – 11 points

Maya Sidhakumar (7ML) – 11 points

There is still plenty of time to get involved in the challenge – it will run throughout February.  The aim of the challenge is to complete some form of physical activity each day and earn points.  Points add up and there are 3 levels to aim for – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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