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Fit for Feb Results

03 March 2021

At the start of February, the PE department challenged out pupils to take part in a month long challenge – Fit for February.  The challenge was points based, and girls were encouraged to work towards one of three levels – gold, silver or bronze.  Stundents have been tracking their physical activity on the co-curricular team and I am impressed with everyone’s efforts throughout February. Everyone that took part in the challenge will earn house points and those achieving gold, silver or bronze will also be awarded a prize on our return to school.  Well done to everyone that took part, and a special congratulations to the following girls who achieved the following stages:

Gold – to achieve 100 points

Olivia Dougan 8L (200 points)

Tiffany Latham 7S (127 points)

Gracie Roberts 8G (113 points)


Silver – to achieve 60 points

Jeongyun Park 7J (70 points)

Jessica Brodie 7J (62 points)


Bronze – to achieve 30 points

Elisa Calebiron 7S (54 points)

Alma Damer 10B (44 points)

Jaikirit Bindra 9C (35 points)

Lucy Coleman 8G (34 points)


An article by Gracie Roberts, 8G about her experience: 

This February I challenged myself to take part in the ‘February Fitness Challenge’. I knew it was going to be difficult, especially if I wanted to receive the Gold Award. 

Every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, during lockdown, I take part in land training with my swimming club over Zoom. Land training is very intense and normally lasts 1 hour. This is instead of doing 1 hour or 1 ½ swimming sessions 4 times a week. Each session normally consists of around 3-5 mini sets that last 5 – 10 minutes each, that focus on one section of your body, that is why it is so intense, it’s basically  a 1-hour HIIT workout in my living room. 

As for biking, if this were the summer term or the start of the autumn term, I would be going out on my bike most days but, as it is so bitterly cold outside, I use the Wattbike – which is an indoor bike - we have at my house. I have the app that goes with the bike and that is normally where I find the 30min workouts I complete, I mainly choose the interval and hill climb sessions. I have also varied this by using the GCN YouTube channel as they have some good 30min workouts for indoor bikes as well. My Mum has recently got an Apple Watch, so she kindly gave her Fitbit which has really helped me keep track of my steps and walks which I go on quite regularly while outside with my Mum and sometimes with my friends (whilst social distancing). During all the lockdowns I have been trying to keep fit so that I could go back to swim training with ease, but I have found this one the hardest to motivate myself to do exercise as it is cold outside, the days feel darker, and obviously - this is the 3RD LOCKDOWN!! The “February Fitness Challenge” has really helped me motivate myself even if it means just to go on a little walk outside.

In the gallery, you can see my strava account, a picture of my calendar and a set that we did at land training. 



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