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Celebrating Chinese New Year

26 February 2021

Girls in Nursery enjoyed celebrating the start of the Year of the Ox at Chinese New Year on the last Friday of the half term.

They looked at the story of the animal race and how the years got their names and combined this with ordering the numbers and animals from 1-12.

They also watched some Chinese ribbon dancing and then created their own similar dance.  They enjoyed learning about lion dances and parades too.  They had one head in school and were delighted to see the one made by Olivia’s Grandad.  The girls took turns to try the head on and dance.

Craft activities also featured on the day as part of the celebration including making red and gold paper hats to wear, decorating lucky fish with red and gold crayons and glitter and making a paper plate Ox.

Olivia’s family shared some Chinese calligraphy, paintings and photographs which added to the enjoyment of the day and finding out about Chinese traditions and celebrations.

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