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27 January 2023

Last Saturday, the Mock Trials team took a trip to Stowe School in Buckinghamshire to compete in the Independent Schools Mock Trial Competition. The day consisted of three rounds – each based on either of the two cases we had prepared – and a final, where only two spots were guaranteed. 

The Mock Trial Competition was such an incredible experience for the team – some of us aspiring lawyers, others of us using it to further an interest in Law. Whether you are firmly decided on a career in Law or not, the competition is great fun and enables you to be a part of a supportive, encouraging and friendly team. 

On the day (and of course, throughout our preparations), we really came together as a team, helping one another with preparing questions and speeches, and even giving each other a hard time in cross-examination practices!

Competition day: we arrived just before midday amongst the bustle of the other schools. Above all, we were focused on the competition ahead. Upon arrival, we were surprised by Mrs Macro and were delighted to have her support throughout the day. 

Throughout each trial we were supervised by real judges, one of whom had worked as a barrister for over 40 years! We competed with two cases – containing charges of Actual Bodily Harm and the possession of drugs – each with a prosecution and defence team.

As a team, our roles included barristers, witnesses (including the Defendant!), court clerks, and ushers – teams could also include a court artist or court reporter too. Over the past couple of months, we had been preparing for this day and at one point, due to Covid measures, we weren’t sure if the competition was even going ahead! 
After our three rounds: we waited to hear the results. Out of eight schools, there were only two that would make it to the final. We felt that we had done enough and that we deserved to get through to the last round. We waited excitedly to hear the results and at around 5:00pm, our name was called out!

We competed in the final against St John’s College and although, we didn’t end up winning the competition, we took great value, experience and inspiration from the day. We were so lucky to be able to compete in a legal competition such as this and would like to end by saying our thank yous. 

From all of us – a massive thank you to Mrs Crimp for accompanying us throughout the day, to Mrs Macro for her lovely surprise visit, and to Mr Smith for supporting us throughout the entire competition! To be there on Saturday was such a privilege and a great experience for all of us – I am sure many of us will look back, take the judges’ feedback on board, and be back next year (ready to win)!

Gursharan Bhamra



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