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EHS Is In The Pink for Cancer Research

23 April 2021

The race is on to see who can beat our resident marathon runner, Mrs Hewison, as senior school pupils take to the playing fields next week to raise money for Cancer Research’s Race for Life.

Each day, pupils from a different year group will run, jog or walk the 5km course that has been mapped out around the playing fields as part of their weekly PE lessons.

Pupils are already armed with sponsorship forms and have been asked to bring in something pink to wear that they can slip over their PE kit. From t-shirts, to trainers, hats, sunglasses and wigs, anything goes as long as they can put it on over their PE kit (as changing facilities won’t be available). And it’s not just the pupils who are getting in on the act, staff are being encouraged to join in too with the valiant Mrs Hewison, completing the course every day - sometimes twice. There’s even a prize for any year group that can beat her!

Each session will kick off with an aerobic warm up set against a backdrop of motivating music and an eye-catching arch of pink balloons to mark the start of the course. Everyone who takes part will be awarded a Race for Life medal left over from last year’s cancelled event and all the money raised will go towards Cancer Research.

The aim of the game is to get active, raise money for a brilliant cause and have some fun - and we hope that you will be able to support your daughter in her fundraising efforts.

So: on your marks, get set and get sponsoring!




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