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EHS Guide Dogs Come of Age

21 October 2022

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, known as Guide Dogs, is a fantastic charity: their work is varied, from running breeding programmes, to training and raising puppies and matching dogs with visually impaired adults and children. In 2017 we set out to raise over £1,500 to be able to take part in their ‘Name a Puppy’ scheme which would allow us to sponsor and name our very own puppy, get ‘pup-dates’, pictures and the birth certificate for EHS. 

Thanks to the generous donations from pupils from 2016-2021, we were able to raise the funds to name two puppies after our beloved students, Mojo and Grace, who we sadly lost in a tragic accident back in 2016. 

We are pleased to show you the puppies who were born in April 2021. We have now had our final update from Mojo's progress, and he is at the end of his Guide Dog training programme. Look at how handsome he is! 

From birth to retirement, it costs around £56,000 per puppy to become a fully trained Guide Dog. One person living with sight loss can expect to have up to 10 Guide Dogs in their lifetime, meaning over half a million pounds just for one person! 

It means the world to us that we have been able to sponsor two puppies and in honour of two much missed students.  We will look forward to more updates and also visits from them in the future. 

Keep an eye out on the Charities instagram page for pup-dates and more! @ehs_charity 

Thank you for your support, as ever.

Mrs Coley, Charities Coordinator 



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