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EHS Alumni wins Sociology Award

20 January 2021

We love to hear of the successes that our EHS Alumni have gone on to achieve in their chosen paths.

Georgia Marfoh-Hoare left EHS in 2019 and is now in her Second Year at the University of Leicester studying Sociology. Georgia has been in touch with Mr Wiggins, to share the news that she has been awarded the Dr Rees Powell Undergraduate Prize in Sociology for the best performance of a first year student in Sociology during the academic year 2019-2020. 

Georgia has shared a few words below about her course and experience gained at University so far... 


“Some of the modules I have done so far are: 

  • Gender and Society - exploring key concepts, issues and debates in the sociology of gender and the broader field of gender studies. Combining theoretical debates with focused case studies we will apply these concepts to specific issues and areas of social and political life
  • Doing Social Research - fundamental issues of research design in the social sciences and how to conduct research
  • We are what we buy: Consumption and Identity - investigating some of the main sociological and cultural issues around how patterns of consumption have become central to identity construction, examining the changing nature of the lives of young people in Britain in the 1950s, and how the processes and the meanings attached to consumption have come to dominate debates about late-modern social identities)
  • Society in transformation - looking at some of the ways human beings have organized their lives together ever since the emergence of our species)
  • Thinking Sociologically about Crime - how crime is defined, who has the power to label acts as deviant or criminal, and how does society choose to punish those who transgress and explore how crime and deviance are researched and discussed within a sociological framework). 

Those are just a few of my modules I have been able to study so far. As you can tell, I am really lucky to have such a broad range of concepts to explore and learn.

For the award, I won this for achieving top grades in all of my assignments, my course work and exams, over the academic year. I have really enjoyed my time at the University, and I love my course to the effect that I was elected as Department Rep for the School of Sociology, Journalism and Media.”


Georgia looks forward to sharing her experience with the EHS Sociologists later in the year.


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