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D&T Textiles students find inspiration in London

14 June 2019

On Thursday 6 June, Year 10 and 12 D&T Textiles students headed to London to find inspiration for their non-examination assessment (NEA) projects. 

The day began with a visit to the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A in South Kensington. The exhibition showcased a wide range of Quant’s work throughout the ages, from her jersey dresses to PVC raincoats. It was fascinating to see how her style evolved over the years and hear other visitors to the exhibit talking about the Quant products they owned. Everyone enjoyed seeing the wide variety in colours and styles and this gave many students ideas for their projects, one describing Quant as “ahead of her time”.

In the afternoon, the group visited Berwick Street in Soho to look at its many fabric shops. They found an array of beautiful cloths from silks to viscose, and even cork! There was astronomical choice and some students asked for samples to take home and potentially use in their projects. Unfortunately, they also discovered that many of the fabrics were out of their price range! 

Then, the group visited Liberty Department Store to have a look at their famed fabrics inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. They enjoyed looking at all the designer products on display as well as the architecture, taking in the atmosphere, which was peaceful and much calmer than other department stores today.

All the girls enjoyed a wonderful day in London and we would like to thank our teachers - Mr Smith, Miss Murray and Mrs Mooney - for organising the day.

By Hermione Hooper, Gracie McKeever and Mary Smith-Holmes.

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