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Diwali Day in Westbourne

15 November 2019

Each half term the girls in Westbourne, our Pre-Prep School, enjoy time extending their skills beyond the planned curriculum. Our most recent ‘Beyond the Curriculum’ experience was Diwali Day which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The girls all took part in a variety of Diwali themed activities. They had fun during a dance workshop with Sohan Kailey. Sohan took them on a magical journey retelling the story of Diwali through Bhangra dance. 

They were also busy making delicious Diwali barfi sweets and samosas to eat. Their creative talents were challenged too and they enjoyed a range of Diwali crafts.  They made Indian elephant Diwali cards, created rangoli patterns with coloured salt and made Diva lamp baskets. 

Westbourne hope that families enjoyed their own Diwali celebrations. 

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