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Charlie and Beanstalk

Senior School

07 July 2023

Last Friday in Prep we were very lucky to work, once again, with Sarah from ‘The Bookshop on the Green’.  

This time Sarah brought author Charlie Brooks to visit to talk about how he moved from being a jockey to horse trainer and then to children’s Author, even though as a child he had not really enjoyed reading and writing.

He told the girls in Years 3 – 6 how he had written the trilogy of books about Holly Hopkinson and her secret diary for his daughter who he enjoyed reading to.  He also shared the message that we cannot do everything really well from the start and you need to work hard along the way.

After signing the girls’ books there was an added bonus.  Charlie had brought Beanstalk the Shetland pony with him to see us.  Beanstalk is one of the animals on Charlie’s Farm.

Before he left Josie presented Charlie with the ‘Beanstalk’ felted bookmark she had made for him. 

Thank you Sarah, and Bookshop on the Green for another great opportunity.

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