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Carpe Diem!

Senior School

14 June 2024

This week a group of girls studying Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation from Year 10 travelled to London to visit the British Museum. 

Hot drinks and breakfast in hand, we met at Birmingham New Street station and made our way to London on the train. Upon arrival we enjoyed tours of the Greek and Roman Britain galleries and the ClassCiv girls were particularly excited to see artefacts coming to life from their GCSE textbook!

Upon arrival, we encouraged the girls to explore and enjoy all the cultural galleries the museum offered. They were excited to share their discoveries of various artifacts and displays from Japan, Persia, the Middle East, and many other regions.

During the afternoon we ventured to see the Elgin Marbles of the Parthenon and learned about its history. We debated the moral issue of the Elgin Marbles being in the UK or Greece! The Latinists also visited galleries relating to their set text, in particular visiting the busts of the emperors.

We loved the day out to London and we are thrilled the girls had a good time; perhaps the girls will return to the British Museum as part of an Enrich, Extend and Enjoy outing! 

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