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Busy Prep Eco-Reps

22 November 2019

The Eco Reps have had a busy week in Prep. On Monday morning they held an assembly to launch Switch Off Fortnight, explaining how each family could save up to £165 on their electricity bills by making some small changes. Switching off lights when they are not in use, not leaving appliances on standby, only filling the kettle with the amount of water needed and drying clothes on the washing line will all reduce our energy consumption, releasing less greenhouse gases and preventing more damage to our planet. We will focus on switching lights and appliances off properly at school for the next fortnight alongside schools from all over the country.

The Eco Reps also gave details about our Switch Off Fortnight competition. Everyone is invited to design a switch plate cover to remind others to switch off the lights when they leave the room.

Later in the day we used our playground hotbox composter for the first time. After watching a video made by the Eco Reps, girls from Years 1-6 deposited their fruit waste into a green bucket ready to be added to the hotbox. Charlotte and Isobel, the Eco Reps on duty, lined the bottom of the box with twigs gathered from the playground and added the waste mixed with shredded paper from the office. We hope our first batch of rich EHS compost will be ready in just a few months.

Mrs Eveleigh
Science Coordinator

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