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Busy bees in Westbourne

02 February 2018

The girls in Westbourne are always busy extending their knowledge of the world. Their learning takes place both indoors and outdoors and is most enjoyable when working together.

In Nursery the girls have been learning various Nursery Rhymes. This week the featured rhyme has been ‘Little Miss Muffet’ and one of their activities was making ‘curds and whey’ with Mrs Coulson which they tasted. The spider was part of the lesson too.

The regular Tuesday session in the Outdoor Classroom for Kindergarten this week focused on den building. This was to help reinforce the ‘d’ letter sound of the week. The girls also worked hard in the mud kitchen area. Inside the classroom the role play area has been transformed into the doctor’s surgery which we are sure will inspire future medics.

In addition to Mathematics work on addition and weighing the girls in Reception enjoyed a visit to Year 1 classrooms. This half term’s transition activity involved spending some time in the Prep playground with new friends and then sharing a story with their Year 1 Buddy who had chosen a favourite tale to read to them.

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