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Mariam launches Film Club

02 February 2018

The Senior School has numerous clubs and societies and many are run by the students themselves. Year 12 student Mariam Al-Ani has recently founded a Film Club and below she shares with us why she is passionate about film and what led to her decision to start what is a first for EHS.

I love watching films with people and discussing characters and messages in them. So last year I decided to set up an official EHS film society, where film fans can meet up, watch films and discuss them to write reviews. These reviews will then be put in the film section of the library, so that people unsure of what film to pick can read our reviews before making a selection.

The first film we watched was ‘La La Land’ and we were looking at the place of traditional musicals in a modern day setting. Overall, the film was enjoyed because of its originality, however the ending was disappointing for some. The performances, cinematography and direction received high ratings from all the members, however the unexpected ending left some members unhappy as it veered away from a traditional storyline. They definitely agreed that the music, choreography and colour theme suited the film and therefore we believe that even though it was a traditional musical in a sense, it has a place in modern day because of its relevant themes of love, dreams and following your desires.

The next film on the list is the most recent version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starring Emma Watson, and we will be deciding whether this film should be purchased for the school library. We will look at how much people enjoyed the film and if the film’s messages merit it worthy for the library. For example, the main female character was intended to be strong and independent - does the presentation in the film reflects that? Is she a good role model? Attached is a photograph of some members waiting for the film!

I really enjoy running the club and think it is a fun and relaxing activity for the end of the week. I hope I’ve set an example so that other pupils will take the initiative and start clubs they enjoy too.

Written by Mariam Al-Ani, Year 13

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