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Big Garden Birdwatch

05 February 2021

Birds in Birmingham enjoyed a tasty treat last weekend when many of our girls chose to make bird feeders as part of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. There was a multitude of designs on show: rings of fruit, seed-studded apples and peanut butter smothered seeds all hung from trees and garden walls to welcome hungry visitors.

Meanwhile, our girls dug out their binoculars and patiently waited to count the birds (and squirrels!) who landed. Izzy even made her own bird hide! Asees was lucky enough to snap a picture of a buzzard while Taniah shared her photograph of a grey heron and some little egrets. Safa and Anaya also honed their photography skills on some local magpies, blackbirds and wood pigeons.

As part of this special weekend, we also took the opportunity to learn more about UK birds such as magpies, robins and chaffinches. Ellise, Bess, Samiah, Bonnie and Waris all achieved 100% on our bird quiz, with the anonymous user ‘Unicorn’ getting the top score. Year 3 had a special bird-themed reading comprehension as part of their Seesaw activities. Arya put together a great fact file on magpies and a large number of girls played educational games through the RSPB website.

We also saw a glut of beautiful bird related crafts and drawings added to our Padlet too. Water colours, clay, pencil crayons, card, collage and fruit were all used to produce some amazing pieces of artwork. Mrs Hartley even knitted a blue tit hat for the school charity.

This year’s Big Garden Birdwatch has been a resounding success because of the enthusiasm and creativity of our girls.

Mrs Eveleigh

Prep School Science Co-ordinator

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