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Another Fabulous House Bake Off

Senior School

07 July 2023

Another brilliant House Bake Off has come and gone and it was amazing seeing all of the designs and bakes through the week. The ‘100 Years of Disney’ theme really gave everyone a chance to unleash their creativity. 

The week kicked off with Year 8 who were baking “Character Cupcakes”. The win went to Annie Jeffries and Eva Michael who produced delicious Little Mermaid chocolate cakes all overseen by Ariel. This took St Andrew into an early lead. 

On Tuesday, Year 7 took over with the win going to Raya Watkinson and Milly Cross from St Francis, who worked exactly to the theme, creating a beautiful batch of vanilla Mickey and Minnie Muffins filled with homemade strawberry jam. 

Year 9 were challenged to bake a batch of perfect “Baddie Biscuits” and the winners from St George were Manahil Saeed and Hilary Chen. They chose a Queen of Hearts theme for their shortbread biscuits using fondant, icing pens and sprinkles to complete their black and red design with hearts in the middle. 
Year 10 took over on Thursday, giving us a Celebration Fit for a Princess. Yining Zou and Yang Zhang secured a win for St David with their beautifully decorated Ariel-themed red velvet cake. 

To end the main bake off week, Friday saw the Sixth Formers battling it out with their Show Stoppers. It was Ruby Morais-Trigg and Alma Damer from St Patrick who wowed the judges in another tight-run competition. Their tasty lemon and raspberry sponge was topped off with an impressive “What Do Snowmen Do in Summer?” decoration theme, featuring Olaf from Frozen in a hot tub. 

On Monday, it was over to the staff for a live decorating challenge, with only 30 minutes to finish off their bakes. Mrs Lee and Mr Shutt were triumphant thanks to their lemon butter iced lemon cake with lemon curd filling. It was decorated to look like the open fairytale book you see at the start of traditional Disney Movies - 'Once Upon A Time' with gold spray along the edges of the pages and a classic Disney castle on the open page. 

The scores were all added up across the week and here are the final results: 

In third place: St Andrew 
Joint 2nd place: St David and St Francis 
Joint 1st Place: St George and St Patrick  

A huge thank you to all of the participants and the House Officials for the work they put into the competition and the judges who faced the difficult task of having to eat a delicious selection of cake every day for a week. And a special thank you to the F&N department for hosting and organising a fun, although tremendously busy, week. 

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