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Animal Magic

11 June 2021

Girls in Westbourne enjoyed a day looking beyond the curriculum with a visit from ‘Animals in Hands’.

Children were able to meet, stroke and hold the animals in wonderful interactive sessions. They met Diageo the skunk, Ali the rabbit, Trevor the wide mouthed frog, Midnight the owl, Elliot the gecko, along with a friendly tarantula, a snake, stick insects and many more. 

The girls came away from their time with confidence in handling animals and they were full of new facts and information. We look forward to sharing their new knowledge when carrying out follow up activities in the classroom in the near future. 

Other activities during the day included Nursery girls lacing ladybirds on leaves. Kindergarten girls did some careful animal writing, and in Reception girls made animal masks, 3D ladybirds with model magic and even created their own board games. R5 girls are continuing to work on their papier-mâché giraffe made from recycled milk bottles! 

If you would like to read more about 'Animals in Hands' then do visit their website via the link below

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