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An Inspirational Science Week

Senior School

17 March 2023

This week has been extremely busy in the Science Department with National Science Week activities across the whole week (and beyond).

The Senior School Science Department has been a hive of activity this week as they staged an exciting programme of National Science Week activities.

To kick the week off, Sixth Form Physicists presented an assembly on Oscillations to the Senior School. They illustrated their talk using the 10 metre human pendulum in the Octagon, swinging brave volunteers from the students and staff across the whole theatre space.

Year 8 were in the Octagon on Tuesday for the Science Week Quiz, a set of brain teasers designed to challenge their Science knowledge and problem-solving skills with lots of edible prizes along the way. At the end of the afternoon, three teams had accumulated the most points and were declared winners. The overall winning house was St. David, with St George in second place.

Throughout this week and next, Year 9 are carrying out a Science Book Review, picking up titles with a link to sciences and reading them over the course of the week and then writing a review of them next week. Again, there will be prizes for the best!

To finish the week off, Year 7 had a special investigative Lab Rats session, with a number of weird and wonderful effects and challenges which they are going to have to derive their own explanations for. Next week, Year 7 will be starting a project on Colonising Mars which ties into their trip to the Space Centre earlier this month.

A fun and frantic week of Science! Thank you to all of the Science team who were involved in the organisation of the events and to the girls who helped make them happen.

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