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A very green isolation

01 May 2020

The Year 13 Green Reps, Emily and Kiran, composed and shared a special message of encouragement for Senior School pupils as this testing period of lockdown continues. We are delighted to share this with you now. Well done, girls; another example of how EHS pupils continue to show resilience and initiative and support one another.

Hi everyone, 

We have now completed one month in lockdown. You are all doing so well at this extremely difficult time. We know you’ve probably got enough going on but if you’re ever at a loose end, here are a few green activities to occupy your free time! There are also some eco-friendly tips as a reminder to keep caring for the planet 🌎😊 

•    Plant something in your garden! (Eating your own veg. means reducing transport emissions; or plant flowers to attract bees & butterflies 🦋) 
•    Watch a green movie/TV series (Wall-E; The Lorax; Blue Planet II; Primates) 
•    Spend time outdoors *in accordance with government guidelines* and enjoy nature 🌷
•    Why not enter Mrs Crimp’s Wildlife Photography challenge?! 📷
•    Bird-watching 🦅
•    Start a Compost heap - a fun and exciting way to grow healthy plants as well as attract some gorgeous bugs🕷🐛
•    Educate yourself on the current green new/trade deals and the UN sustainable development goals. This will be important for ANY profession in the future and is very interesting too! If you would like any guidance on this topic, feel free to email Kiran :) 
•    As much as possible, keep plastic usage to a minimum (we know this can be tricky with some people needing to wear masks!) 
•    Whenever you use something that is made from plastic, metal or paper, wash it and put it in your recycling bin as soon as you are done with it. This is a good habit to get into! ♻️
•    When out for your daily exercise, respect the nature around you ♀️
•    Reduce paper usage by only printing off what you need to from online school 🖨
•    Technology is more important than ever right now but remember to take breaks from your screens 🕚 
•    Most of all be kind to yourself and to others, stay safe and keep connecting with people in an online way! 🤗

Best wishes, 

Kiran and Emily 

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