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A taste of Vietnam

Sixth Form

13 December 2019

World Challenge is a UK provider of school expeditions to many parts of the world ranging from North America to Australia. This life changing experience enables students to develop vital skills such as independence, teamwork, leadership and global citizenship. Also, World Challenge gives an insight into life beyond education. Over the past years, pupils from EHS have visited countries such as Costa Rica, South Africa and Zambia.  

Pupils involved in this year’s World Challenge will be spending the month of July in China and Vietnam. One of the many challenges they will be facing is the community project work, which will take place in the village of Khai Cai, around 3 hour’s drive from Hanoi. 50% of Vietnamese ethnic minorities live in poverty meaning there will be many opportunities for the girls to try to make a difference. Our physical challenge will be to continue the road construction for this village, to allow bicycles and motorbikes to pass safely during the rainy season, as well as improving general transportation links.

When the girls heard about the Miss Saigon musical production it was obvious that we should support the production in some way alongside a fundraising activity, with some of the proceeds being donated part to the tour community project.

We decided to research, source and produce a range of Vietnamese street foods. The girls worked closely together as a team, making decisions as to how best prepare and manufacture 250 portions of food. 

The girls presented their dishes of a mushroom and home pickled carrot and daikon Banh Mi and a minty papaya and pineapple salad in a stylish takeaway box, which both surprised and delighted our Gala audience. One of our favourite comments came from a gentleman who had lived in Vietnam, saying how authentic the food tasted.

Well done girls!

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