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A Celebration of Collective Cultures

Senior School | Sixth Form

31 March 2023

In the last week of the Spring Term, our school had a fabulous second EHS Celebration of Collective Cultures. 

The Sixth Form students led the event which showcased the diversity of cultures within our school community. Throughout the day, students had a cultural twist incorporated into their lessons, and the highlight of the day was the afternoon assembly. The assembly featured a motivational speech from the renowned award-winning author, Jamila Gavin, who also ran a workshop with Year 9 earlier in the day. 

Moreover, the students themselves took centre stage and performed Chinese and South-Asian Dances, a Croatian poem, and a Zimbabwean song, among others. The much-awaited fashion show was the highlight of the event, where students took to the runway wearing clothes representing their culture or heritage. It was a phenomenal event, with students from all year groups taking part and supporting each other on stage throughout. We can't wait for more such events in the future! Congratulations to everyone who participated and helped to organize the event. 

Mr. Smith, Director of Academic Enrichment

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