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Year 9 Wellbeing Morning

06 November 2020

On Wednesday 21st October, Year 9 took part in our Wellbeing Morning. The day began with a talk from the Self Esteem Team on the topic of stress management. The girls received many tips on how to keep calm under pressure and, in particular, under examination conditions.

Following this the girls took part in a variety of workshops throughout the morning, highlighting the importance of self-care. They completed the Happy Walk, a 15 minute fitness routine where you walk 1 mile on the spot. The walk lifted their spirits and they enjoyed the satisfaction of working out in only 15 minutes! We slowed down the pace of the exercise workshop afterwards with a short yoga flow. The girls enjoyed the calming nature of the flow and we hope they continue with this practice at home.

The girls also revised their mindfulness practice in the library. They focused on their breathing, their skills of switching off and enjoyed taking the time to pause and reflect (whilst wrapped up in their own cosy blankets)!

We also wished for the girls to think about their growth mindset. In the third and final workshop, they considered how they reflect on their progress and whether or not they are fixed in their views. They completed a mindset quiz, which led them to extension opportunities in school (such as Extend, Enrich, Enjoy and MOOCs) or where they can access support for their studies.

At lunchtime the girls were treated to a Zentangle workshop led by Mrs Macro. She introduced the girls to this practice and they created some lovely images following structured patterns. The girls are encouraged to attend the Zentangle Club with Mrs Macro on a weekly basis to wind down during their busy school days.

We hope the girls enjoyed their morning and, most importantly, left the workshops feeling well-rested and confident to practise their own self-care routines at home.

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