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Year 7 navigate the Malvern Hills

29 June 2018

Earlier this month, the whole of Year 7 took part in a Geography field trip to the Malvern Hills. This year, the girls have been studying map work and this trip gave them a great opportunity to apply the skills they have learned. 

The coach dropped us off and after a short, but steep, walk we reached the summit of Black Hill. The girls had to then orientate their map and work out which way was North. With the wonderful views afforded from the top of the hill, the girls quickly got the hang of relating the features they could see in the landscape to what was on the map, and vice versa. 

This exercise was followed by a walk down to the British Camp, where we had lunch and an ice cream before getting the coach back to school. As you can imagine, the girls were overjoyed about leaving the countryside on a glorious day to get back to EHS in time for afternoon lessons! 

Over the two days, we had five separate members of the public complimenting staff on how beautifully behaved and well-mannered the girls were. A very successful trip!

Mr Andrews

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