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Year 7 conquer the castle

Senior School

14 June 2019

The day started when we arrived at the breath-taking Kenilworth castle after a short coach journey from school. We split into two groups, and the first thing we did was meet Henry, our tour guide. Our group’s first activity was orienteering where we were able to run around exploring the castle! After all the excitement Henry calmed us down by using all our energy to climb to the top of the Leicester building, which has four flights of stairs! 

When everyone had come back down Henry took us to a smaller, separate building where he gave a workshop about what medieval soldiers would wear to battle and whether all the things they created worked. As everyone enjoyed this topic so much, we decided to do some role play of the struggles King Henry III must have had trying to besiege the castle in 1266, and at the end we all laughed watching each other’s play. After a long morning, everyone agreed that it was time for lunch! 

After lunch we were ready for the next activity where we role played using a battering ram. We also learned the techniques they used to use to attack and defend a castle and how they helped. Next Henry showed us the entrance of the castle and told us all about what would happen there, before making our way back to the main castle where we learnt about the kitchen they used and what would happen in the Keep. 

We had time at the end to go back to our favourite part of the castle. Most of us went to the garden because we hadn’t spent much time there and we even met a dog called Freddie there who was enjoying the castle just as much as we were! 

Tired and ready to get back to school we made our last stop at the gift shop where we enjoyed the sun and some delicious ice cream!

By Emily, Ekyjot , Aava and Hannah

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