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Year 5 pupils demonstrate their learning

16 February 2018

The last three Friday assemblies have featured our Year 5 classes who have demonstrated to their parents what they learn beyond the curriculum.

We began with 5F who had chosen the theme of the Water Cycle which they have been studying in Geography. The girls took on the roles of scientists, water molecules and sunshine and Drip and Drop, the narrators, guided the girls through the scientific processes involved. The girls shared a vast amount of factual knowledge and subject specific vocabulary with the audience.

Our next performers were girls from 5E. They have been writing their own fables in English and four of these were chosen to be performed to parents. The girls worked in groups to decide on roles, costumes, direction and narration. They did this very well and the performances demonstrated the excellent use of written language and teamwork. The morals they had chosen for their own tales are ones we hope they will remember.

Our final assembly of the half term was performed by 5D. As the date was the day of Chinese New Year this seemed like an apt choice of topic to perform to parents. After learning about the traditions and the Chinese calendar, the girls acted out the story of the zodiac explaining how each year was given an animal. We saw the sneaky rat, the helpful monkey and the slow, but steady, pig each reach the finishing line. To end the assembly each family was presented with a goodie bag including chopsticks, a decorative fan and of course a fortune cookie to see what might happen in the year ahead. It was the end of a busy week and the girls are hoping a Chinese meal might be a way of starting half term!

In all three assemblies the girls worked well together and performed with great confidence. We are sure that parents and guests will have enjoyed finding more about the girls’ learning.

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