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Year 4 girls enjoy a trip to Culmington Manor

05 April 2019

On Wednesday 27 March, 39 slightly nervous Year 4 girls set off for Culmington Manor, in Shropshire.

On arrival they were allocated their dorms and decided excitedly who was going to sleep on the top bunk. After a tour of the site the girls split into their four groups and began their first activity.

Over the next two days they undertook eight different challenges. The girls were often out of their comfort zones as they climbed up to the high wires - much higher than they looked from the ground - or tried to make their way through the water in the underground maze by the light from their head torches. They enjoyed learning how to survive in the wild by making shelters, tackled the obstacle course with ease and solved puzzles in the Initiative Exercises with varying degrees of success.

In the glorious sunshine on Thursday the girls went, in two groups, to the beautiful Carding Mill Valley. One group walked to the waterfall and back, and the other group managed the four-mile circular route to the waterfall and up onto the Long Mynd where they were lucky enough to see the wild ponies grazing.

It was not only physical challenges they faced, they had to co-operate with others in their dorm, organise their belongings and take responsibility for being in the right place at the right time.

All the girls had a great time and achieved so much; they should be proud of themselves.

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