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Year 13 student wins prestigious army scholarship

27 September 2019

We were delighted to receive the news that Year 13 student Mandeep has won a full army officer scholarship to the prestigious Sandhurst Academy.

Here, Mandeep shares her experience with us:

“”In February, I applied for an army officer scholarship after hearing about it at the EHS Careers Fair, although it was very different to anything I had done before. My application went through an extensive screening process over several months which involved lots of paperwork, interviews, testing and even a thorough army medical check in one of their barracks. I also had to start preparing for assessment tasks - which would involve both physical and written tests - which I would have to complete if I got through to the Army Officer Selection Board. The PE department were all very supportive throughout the process and helped me with my training.

“In April, I received the news that I would go through to the final stage of the application. This involved staying at Westbury for three days where I was put into a team, and completed a variety of different tests. The tests included essays, writing and discussing a planning exercise, command tasks (where I had to plan a route and lead my team across in good time), obstacle courses, more interviews and a bleep test. At the end, although I came out battered and bruised, and had even broken my glasses, I was proud of having survived it all and enjoyed the experience.

“The competition was extremely tough as there were many bright candidates with military backgrounds and experience already, and they were mostly male. However, a week later I was informed of the results, and I was shocked to learn that I had managed to obtain the full army scholarship, meaning that I have a place at Sandhurst Academy where I will undergo officer training as an army scholar after I have completed my degree at university.”

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