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Year 1 Scientists


31 March 2023

Year 1 girls recently visited Thinktank Science Museum to consolidate their learning on the topic of ‘My Body’ which they have been studying throughout the Spring Term. 

The girls had a busy day with lots of learning, through classroom activities, as well as through play at Mini Brum.  

The children began their day in the interactive museum learning all about their body. They then moved on to the Thinktank classroom where they learnt about the functions of organs such as their heart and lungs. They checked their friend’s heart rate before and after doing exercise. They also learnt about foods that were good and not so good to eat in order to keep their bodies healthy. 

There was the opportunity to visit other parts of the Thinktank museum too. The girls particularly enjoyed spending time in the outdoor Science Park, where they could experiment with forces. They ended their day in Mini Brum where they enjoyed role play sessions at the doctors, dentist and in the café.

 The girls thoroughly enjoyed their trip which was educational as well as much fun. Many girls stated they would like a return visit with their families! 

A big thank you to our parents who came along to help.

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