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EHS Welcomes Award-Winning Author

Senior School

31 March 2023

Award-winning author, Jamila Gavin, visited us on Thursday 30 March, to spend an hour with Year 9 and the subsequent afternoon with the Senior School body as guest of honour at our Collective Cultures Day extravaganza. During the Year 9 talk in the library, Jamila talked extensively about her life, writing career, sense of cultural identity, as well as her much acclaimed novels, 'The Wheel of Surya' (1992) and 'Never Forget You' (2022) in particular. 

Students who have studied 'The Wheel of Surya' throughout the Autumn Term and even responded to it with epilogues of their own were especially enthused by Gavin's talk and, for about 30 minutes after the main talk, asked her some probing and mature questions to which Jamila replied with fascinating insights and helpful advice. There was also a time for students to get their school copies of 'The Wheel of Surya' signed, as well as other novels by Gavin which they had purchased before the event. It was an eye-opening and mind-expanding hour-long session, which will encourage students to read and write with greater confidence.

Mr Gray
Head of English

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