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Year 1 Puppet Masters

15 June 2018

Year 1 enjoyed a fabulous practical puppetry day with Major Mustard. The day began with a puppet show, performed by the great man himself, to both Year 1 and 2 girls; a fabulous start to the day.  

He then showed the Year 1 girls how they could make their own puppets using paper plates, yogurt pots, egg boxes or kitchen roll tubes to provide the basic shape. The girls eagerly set to work. Using a whole range of ‘junk’ and fabric scraps, the girls fashioned their own designs—and what an amazing and imaginative collection of puppets emerged. 

During the afternoon, the girls worked in groups of five to create their own scripts. Incorporating actions and character voices, each show was performed to the year group.  The girls definitely showed off their story writing and performing skills! 

Well done, Year 1.

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