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WWI brought to life

22 March 2019

On Monday 11 March, Year 9 enjoyed a very informative and emotional afternoon where we participated in a talk a based on World War One. Prior to the afternoon, we had been studying this topic in lessons so we understood much of what was being said, reinforcing our own knowledge as well as learning many new things. 

It was led by a man who had previously been a soldier, who had been on five tours in Ireland as well as having been in the USSR behind enemy lines in the Cold War. Whilst he obviously did not serve in the First World War, his experiences were very similar to those of which we had been learning, and so gave us a true insight into life as a soldier. 

We learned about the causes of the war (pupils were chosen to act out the different countries) and the effects of the war on not only Britain, but on the many other countries who were forced to fight. We were all upset to hear of the thousands of unnecessary deaths of young men, and were very glad that we don’t live in a time like that. 

The uniform of the soldiers was also examined, modelled by one of the girls who was relieved when its immense weight was taken off her shoulders, and were taught about gas attacks and the different gas masks that Britain invented. Furthermore, we heard about the work of women during the war, and were taught about their efforts and hardships. 

Although some of the talk was rather light-hearted, much of it was solemn and direct. Whilst it was distressing to hear of the families who were torn apart by war, it nevertheless made me proud of the young men who were brave enough to fight for the future of their country. 

On behalf of the rest of Year 9, I would like to greatly thank the History Department for organising this incredible event. 

Gracie Herbert, Year 9


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