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Challengers prepare for African expedition

13 October 2017

A number of plucky EHS students have signed up to take part in World Challenge and will venturing off to Zambia and Botswana in July 2018. In preparation for the trip, last weekend the group took part in a special training weekend in Cannock Wood.

This weekend was designed to develop their teamwork and communication skills, whilst also preparing them for next summer. Upon arrival, with their 65 litre rucksacks loaded with sleeping bags, sleeping mats, waterproof clothing (which proved to be an essential item for the weekend) and snacks, the team were then provided with various items of additional kit that was shared out amongst the group, along with their tents.

The team very quickly and efficiently put up their tents before setting off for a long 7km walk, stopping every so often to listen to a talks covering various topics, in preparation for the expedition: subjects ranged from group safety, health and hygiene, illness and first aid.

walking in torrential rain all day, the team were thankful to return to the comfort of their tents to get changed whilst the food team started preparing dinner - spaghetti and tomato sauce, followed by chocolate-covered hobnobs. a good night’s sleep, the team woke up at 6.30am to start preparing porridge for the team before walking another 8km. The team returned to the campsite for hot chocolate and kit-kats provided by World Challenge before being collected by their parents.

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