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11 June 2021

This week in Westbourne the girls in all classes have been working on shape and pattern in their Mathematics and creative lessons.

In Nursery the girls focused on another topic too as they looked out for minibeasts.  They have been busy lacing ladybirds, making snail trails and creating beautiful symmetrical butterflies.

The focused letter sound for Kindergarten has been ‘k’ so the girls started the week making crowns fit for a King.  They used 2D shapes as the jewels, which they identified and then arranged in repeating patterns. They continued the theme of repeating patterns using cubes to create patterns and to build tall towers.

Symmetry has also been the theme in Reception.  They made symmetrical patterns using a range of resources in the classroom.

All girls from Nursery to Reception also extended their knowledge of animals with a visit from ‘Animals in Hand’ in the middle of the week.  You can read more about these experiences in the separate article.

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