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A Gothic-Inspired School Trip

Sixth Form

09 December 2022

Year 12 English and Drama students recently visited London on a gothic-inspired school trip. We started the day with a stop at Pret before boarding the train to Euston, sharing snacks, jokes and discussing the loss of someone’s AirPods on the journey.
Our first stop was the British Library where we switched on our academic minds and explored the array of ancient literature which included original copies of Shakespeare, rare first editions, the Magna Carta and Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. We thoroughly enjoyed discovering the earliest writings which influence our speech, language and culture today.

We then stopped at Covent Garden for lunch and some shopping, before heading towards Fortune Theatre to watch ‘The Woman in Black’. The experience was truly thrilling and unforgettable, with actors appearing from within the audience and sound effects and lighting used to frightening effect. We all walked out of the theatre spooked and on high alert.

The day ended with another stop at Covent Garden which was beautifully decorated with festive Christmas lights. After some early Christmas shopping we began the journey back ending an incredible day and by the far the best school trip we’ve had. 

Alma Damer

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