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14 January 2022

The children in Westbourne were clearly pleased to be back at school after the holiday. They were full of smiles and cheery good mornings as they arrived last Thursday. We also welcomed new girls into each of our year groups and they have already settled well into the new routines. They have also enjoyed their many learning activities in just a few days.

In Nursery, Humpty Dumpty has provided a focus for the range of activities. The curiosity cube has allowed girls to ask and answer questions and to develop their communication and language skills whilst matching pairs of cards helped with visual discrimination.  They enjoyed using practical skills to make and taste scrambled eggs and the shells were decorated to provide a head in which to plant cress to create Humpty’s hair.

Kindergarten girls began the term by exploring the theme of winter. They played with ‘snow’ they had made and thought about the clothes people wear when it is cold. This week the selected letter sound is ‘m’ and they have been matching socks by pattern as well as letter sound, and exploring medicines in the doctor’s surgery! We are sure that medics and meteorologists of the future are being encouraged.

Girls in Reception have started work on the topic Gardens and Growing. They have been studying a variety of different seeds and beans and have used these to collage their names and make musical shakers. This week they have also investigated the different parts of a plant and how they in turn help a plant to keep healthy and to grow. They have discovered how baked beans are made too.  They have learnt where the Haricot beans are grown right through to serving beans at the table.  The last task was to taste beans on toast in the classroom.  A very popular outcome!

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