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17 June 2022

Westbourne girls had a trip to the seaside this week in the Discovery Den, which has been most appropriate in this very warm weather. The girls had the opportunity to build sandcastles in the sand; design their own ice lollies;  serve in the ice cream shop; dress up in Hula skirts; pack a suitcase for their holidays; sort past and present seaside pictures and even watch a Punch and Judy puppet show on the beach! One girl was overheard saying that she had actually been to the seaside and played on the beach. 

In Nursery, their Under the Sea theme linked well with the Discovery Den topic. They studied sea creatures and learnt facts from Andy’s Aquatic Adventures.  Then using their fine motor skills they presented the creatures in various ways. They made collage jellyfish, sensory starfish, and decorated crabs and coral reef coloured fish.  They also sorted creatures that live in the sea and those that live on land.

‘K’ has been the letter sound of the week in Kindergarten and kites have featured largely in their studies.  They have created pencil control kites, made a 3D kite, completed kite puzzles and have created repeating kite patterns.  Book characters supported their work as they read the stories about Kipper and the Blue Balloon and The King’s Socks and koalas and kangaroos added to their cultural studies. They included PSED too in their week’s studies as they talked about kind and unkind behaviour.

This week the girls in Reception have not been able to stop writing!  Now they know most of the sounds learnt in Reception, they have used this knowledge to think of sentences and have then written them out independently.  They used a sound machine to record their sentences so they could play them back whilst writing.  

As part of the Creatures Great and Small studies they have also learnt about 'Camouflage' and have created some fantastic chameleon paintings.  

What a busy week, once again.


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