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19 November 2021

The girls in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception are busy with rehearsals for the Christmas Show which will take place on 7 December and which we are all looking forward to.  There is also much planning for end of term events for the girls to enjoy.

The girls in Nursery have also enjoyed celebrating a special week with children all around the country as it has been National Nursery Rhyme week. You can read more about their activities and special visitors in the separate story.

Another national event we took part in with many other people was Children in Need Day.  Spots were the order of the day when we abandoned uniform to help support the BBC charity. The girls in Kindergarten took the opportunity to do some writing activities on the theme.

In Reception this week the girls have enjoyed a wide variety of learning opportunities. They have been recognising different coins and have created a 'Money Caterpillar'.

They made' eggciting' egg men, after learning the 'e' sound on Monday and learnt about things that change and created solid jelly from powder on Tuesday. They liked tasting it the best!  

Being lucky enough to have our swimming pool on site, Reception girls had their first swimming lesson last Friday which caused much amusement!  It was lovely to see the girls who had never been in a pool before manage their first width successfully. They cannot wait for their second lesson.

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