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12 November 2021

In Nursery the girls have enjoyed exploring the colour brown. This has involved talking about different items that are brown, practising mark-making in brown sand, printing using leaves and drawing tall, giraffe lines.

This week the focus in Kindergarten has been the letter r. Girls have particularly enjoyed sharing the story of The Rainbow Fish and have talked about friendship. They have also completed some lovely fish to make a display for the entrance to our hall and library.

The girls broadened their knowledge of water further by talking about the process of freezing water. They also explored the process of ice melting back to water with the added sparkle of some glitter!

In Reception the girls have reflected on their visit last week to see the dinosaurs in the Botanical Gardens. 

This week started with painting still life fruit pictures on Monday. The girls have also been revisiting some of the sounds they have learnt and have created work for display.

One piece of work was of 'rude clowns' as they were learning the 'th' sound.  The clowns with their tongues out reminded the girls how to say the sound.  The other was the 'qu' sound so many pictures of The Queen were produced for display. 

Another busy week during which the girls also practised for the Christmas Show which is fast approaching.

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