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08 October 2021

It has been green week this week in Nursery.  The girls have enjoyed taking part in many activities using different media and fine and gross motor skills.  It is clear that they are enjoying their learning experiences.

Reception girls have been very busy this week learning how to write numbers to 10 (and beyond) and learning how to measure. They took great delight in measuring how long items were around the classroom. First, they used teddy bears to measure how long their pencils were. Then they used cubes to measure the length of their shoes!  
Reception girls also continue to learn new sounds. They already have a love of reading books, especially ones showing their daily sounds. They have enjoyed making short CVC words with the playdough and discussing the stories with their friends. 

They have used their creative skills too and have made delicious Fantasy Desserts, which look good enough to eat!  

Westbourne girls also joined in with marking #Hello Yellow Day by wearing a yellow item to accessorize with their uniform.

We are looking forward to seeing parents at the two Parents’ evenings next week.

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