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What I want to be


26 October 2018

In Westbourne the girls in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception were asked to consider what they might like to be in the future. They then spent a day finding out about the various jobs that people do in the world of work.

Nursery talked about the professions that each girl had dressed up as. They read picture books about different occupations and played with Small World people who help us and completed jigsaws on the same theme. They also worked on 'have a go' emergent writing about what they want to be. Another activity involved watching Mr Tumble at the Fire station and learning about firefighters.

In Kindergarten and Reception, the pupils talked about different professions and jobs, thinking about day to day things grown-ups would do. This included customer service managers, ice cream sellers, librarians and astronauts along with doctors, nurses, ballerinas and synchronised swimmers!

The day provided excellent opportunities for communication skills to be developed and for the girls to extend their knowledge of the world around them.  
We are sure the girls will change their minds many times about their chosen professions before they settle on a future career but we hope that the day has given them some inspiration!

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